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We have finally opened our couponing portal in the United Arab Emirates and Middle East. is a project created and developed by the international company Promocodex International Srl headquartered in Timisoara (Romania). We own multiple couponing website all around the world and our aim is to become one of the greatest players in the UAE market. We offer and distribute free coupon codes and we help internet users in UAE to save money on their online purchase.

What is a promotional code?

It's called "promotional code", or discount code or also coupon code, an alphanumeric and electronic voucher composed by numbers, letters or special characters. The promotional code (or promo coupon) is an useful tool for the customer that wants to purchase online. The promo code is the most powerful incentive to push a sale. For this reason all the most famous online webstores in the United Arab Emirates wants to place their voucher in our couponing website. You can use the voucher codes for the best webstores in the United Arab Emirates, such as, Groupon, Ounass, Noon.

Why is so powerful and appreciated?

First of all because it is free. We don't ask for any payment in exchange of our work. Our success is made by the satisfaction of our visitors and we earn a little percentage on your purchase. For this reason for us is really important the word of mouth. If you like our service you can share our website in the social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and you can help your friends and the members of your family to save money on their shopping

Our success is also our user-friendly platform. We developed it with artificial intelligence and we programmed our php script to make it useful and practial. We simply show the available promo codes for every webstore in UAE, a list of offers and promotions and at the end of the page the expired coupon codes. This last aspect is basic: sometimes outdated promo codes are still working and the user can give a try.

How to use a promo code?

It's very easy and fast. Clicking on the button "Get Promo Code", a pop up including the voucher code will open. At this point you can copy the coupon code and paste it in the webstore, in the basket page and get a discount. All promotional codes on this website are valid and verified by our staff. You can also find exclusive voucher codes that you can find only here at

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